James J. Coyne Memorial School of Piping And Drumming


Snare Drum School

09School of Snare Drumming

LEVEL ONE: Elementary (12 lessons)

Students will learn traditional and matched grip hand movements, primary rudiments, reading rhythm, and the history of pipe band drumming.

LEVEL TWO: Intermediate (12 lessons)

Students will learn rudiments applied to musical scores, reading traditional beatings, and performing beatings.

LEVEL THREE: Advanced (24 lessons)

Students will learn advanced rudiments, how to perform MSRs (march, strathspey and reel), and advanced scores.

LEVEL FOUR: Corps Playing (24 lessons)

Students will learn how to play with drum corps, pointing and dynamics, how to play lead snare drummer, and playing medleys.

LEVEL FIVE: The Soloist (12 lessons)

Students will learn to transcribe solo music, construct solo music, and perform solos.


Students will learn musical phrasing, dynamics and coloring the phrases.