James J. Coyne Memorial School of Piping And Drumming


Class Information

Class Information and Fee Schedule

Private Lessons – Private lessons are offered on a time availability basis at the rate of $50.00 per hour ($25.00 per half-hour) for elementary to advanced students and $75.00 per hour ($37.50 per one-half hour) for senior to graduate students.

Group Lessons – The minimum number of students in a group class is three and the maximum number is five. Please contact us regarding group pricing and arrangements.

Payment – Students are required to pay their tuition at the time of class registration. Care is taken to give each student the maximum personal attention and evaluation all through a given term. The School seeks dedicated students and reserves the right to dismiss anyone, who through neglect or lack of application, does not progress satisfactorily.

Availability – In the case a regular instructor cannot teach a scheduled lesson or class, the School will designate a qualified substitute.

Bagpiping Snare Drumming
Level One: $400 Level Six: $720 Level One: $400 Level Four: $960
Level Two: $400 Level Seven: $720 Level Two: $400 Level Five: $480
Level Three: $500 Level Eight: $720 Level Three: $960 Level Six: varies
Level Four: $800 Level Nine: $100
Level Five: $720 Level Ten: $480
Bass and Tenor Drumming Drum Majoring
Level One: $480 Level Four: $960 One Rate: $450
Level Two: $480 Level Five: varies
Level Three: $960